Monday, June 15, 2009

Short Story

So I want to share a small sample of a short story I just thought of and started typing, so enjoy. Let me know what you think.

He knew he had no choice. His hands trembled as he squeezed the gun tightly in his palms. Beads of sweat trickled down his temples. He quickly licked his dry, cracked lips as he peered around the wall of the alley. His eyes darted left to right as he scanned for his target.

It was dark. The only light was the illumination from the full moon above and he found it difficult to discern the objects littering the alley. A slight movement caught his eye.


A dark shadow quickly slid out from behind a trash can. He raised his gun, aiming down the barrel, and held his breath.

The shadow darted at him and as it came into view it was a small boy, it's eyes blood red and teeth gnarled. It's clothes were tattered and smears of dried blood were evident, but the sneer upon the boy's face was an image he knew would carry on to his grave. It was the image of pure evil. The boy let out a visceral scream and he pulled the trigger and sent a bullet through the boy's brain, splattering gore against the alley wall. The body fell to the ground and lay still.

The man placed his left hand over his forehead, slid down the wall into a sitting position and wept. He regretted the past weeks events and the lives he had taken, but it has to been done. He has his orders.

Prevent the spread. By any means necessary.

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